For our February Box this past month, we decided to go with something different than what we usually send. The Trendy Box is a fashion jewelry accessory box, and therefore we stick to just that. However, for Valentine’s Day we wanted to send something with more value and more meaning to our lovely subscribers. We were a bit worried about the reaction that we would receive, and I do admit, some subscribers were not happy; they missed the gorgeous fashion jewelry we usually send. But we promised to make up for it in the March box! We sent a Sterling Silver heart necklace encrusted with cubic zirconium. The necklace and pendant were both sterling silver. We also sent a variety of chocolates, because who doesn’t love chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

The necklace was a stunning piece of jewelry that can be worn with both casual and formal wear. We would love to  hear what you thought of our February box! Stay Trendy Gorgeous! ♥






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