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From The Founder

Personal, Raw, and Powerful memo from The Founder of The Trendy Box™ 
A few weeks ago, a lot of women all over the world posted “Me Too” as a symbol of having been a victim of sexual harassment. And I was surprised by the number of people on my own friend list that had been affected by this at some point in their life. And it made me think of myself and my story, and how there probably are a lot of women in the world that have been a victim of some sort of domestic violence whether it’s been physical abuse or emotional abuse from a partner. None the less, it affects us in the short term as well as in the long term. For many years, I was a victim of this in both forms of abuse, and I viewed myself through his eyes. I felt worthless, I felt powerless, and I felt ugly. I absolutely love makeup now, and I wear it often because I choose to. But the core of why I even started to wear makeup, was because I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. Because for years, the way my ex-partner treated me made me have low self-esteem. So I started to wear eyeliner and wear lipstick because it made me feel a little prettier. It wasn’t until after a year later of having been removed from this relationship that I started to gain back my self-esteem, and that I started to view myself for what I really am. An amazing, beautiful, intelligent and strong woman. I am a mother to a wonderful 12-year-old that I raised all on my own since she was 1, a professional in finance that up until 3 years ago worked for one of the best investment banks in the world, and the creator of The Trendy Box. I created The Trendy Box™, while working a full-time job and being a single mother. And now I know exactly what I want it to stand for, Women Empowerment. I met Jenna over the summer, and I was amazed by her personality, and by her passion for boxing, a sport that is mostly male-dominated. I loved how feminine she is even though she boxes. She is exactly what I envision a Trendy Box Women to be like, powerful and confident. The Trendy Box™ is partnering up with organizations for Domestic Violence victims, we want women that feel like I once felt, to feel beautiful and realize their worth!



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